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BUSINESS TYPE: Restaurant/Bar

Restaurant Logo Design Sample - Hellfire Club

the logo design process

STEP 1: FREE  Discovery Call​

When you're ready to get a new Logo Design started, schedule a call with me to discuss your business and branding goals. This is a FREE 15-30 minute call where you can share details about your business and what you are looking for in your new logo. I'll suggest a logo package that will work best for your needs and provide a verbal estimate. If it sounds like a good fit for both of us, we'll proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: A Written Estimate​

After our call, I will email you with a written estimate, so you have a solid record of the pricing discussed and what is included in your logo package. I require a 50% downpayment to get started with the balance due upon your approval of a final design.

STEP 3: The First Proof

Once your downpayment has been received, I'll get to work on your first set of designs. The logo packages I offer include 5 initial design concepts, which will make up your first proof. This will be emailed to you as a PDF file within the timeframe agreed upon (generally 5-7 business days, depending on the complexity of the design).

STEP 4: Feedback & Revisions

Once you've had a chance to review the initial designs, you can reply with your feedback and any revisions, by phone or email. At this point, you can share which design or design elements you like best, along with any other direction you would like to see moving forward.

STEP 5: Second Proof

I work to modify the initial designs from Proof 1, based on your feedback, which results in Proof 2. This will include different combinations of elements, adjustments of graphics, and/or varied color or font options, according to your requests.

STEP 6: More Feedback

Upon review of the 2nd proof, most clients are able to narrow down the designs to 1 or 2 favorites. At this stage, I'll make further revisions or provide multiple variations of 1 or 2 designs, so a final design can be chosen.

STEP 7: Third Proof

After seeing this 3rd Proof, most customers choose a design to finalize. Sometimes, very minor adjustments or a few color options are included at this stage. But if additional changes are needed, we continue to work with you at our hourly rate ($120/hr) until you are happy.  Most often, the 3 included proofs get the job done.

STEP 8: Your Final Logo!

Once you've approved a final design, we provide your chosen logo in all of the standard formats you will need for your business: Vector Files for high quality printing (AI, EPS & PDF) + JPG and PNG files for web/online use. A 1-page branding guide, with details about fonts, colors and file formats, is also included for your reference. I always keep a copy of your files. So you can rest easy, knowing that if you lose track of your logo files, or need help regarding your logo in the future, I'm here for you and will email you the file needed, free of charge.


Get your new brand off to a great start with some cool bonuses! Once we have your basic logo design, let's take it a little further! Here are a few ways I can help you debut your new logo design!

  • Get a cool 3D mockup of your logo to announce your new branding on social media! See examples at the top of this page! Get 50% off by tagging us on Facebook!

  • Get it animated! Put your new logo into motion with an animated version that you can use on your website, promo videos and more!

  • Promotional Videos are also a great way to announce your business or new branding! Let us get you started with an eye-catching video for your website or social media!

  • Get some Merch! Get your new logo put on mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, stickers or anything you can think of—I'll set everything up and get it shipped right to your door!

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to discuss a logo design package that best fits your needs!

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