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Chocolate Psychology


Video Title Graphics designed for Chocolate Psychology client

Digital online graphics

Every business needs an online presence, whether it's your website or social media. The graphics on your website and your social media posts should all be consistent with your brand. When you work with me, as your Secret Design Agent, I can ensure that everything we create will stay on brand, from print to web. Consistency across all platforms is what will increase brand recognition and help your business grow.

Social Media​ Profile & Banner Graphics

A successful social media profile must be designed with your target market in mind. In order for social media to work for your business, the graphics that represent you need to be engaging and aimed at your ideal customer. I can help you create graphics that are consistent with your brand, catch the eye of your ideal customer, and entice them to engage with you.

Website Headers & Graphics​

You run a professional company. Your website needs to look professional so that potential customers feel confident doing business with you. If you strictly use stock photos for your website headers or have web graphics that are pixelated, stretched or sized wrong for the space, your website will not represent you well and you may lose potential customers. Let me help you design graphics for your website that truly represent what your company is about, with images that help establish your brand, engage your target market and are set to the correct pixel dimensions to view clearly and load quickly.


Many small businesses use themes to get their own website started or hire an inexpensive web developer who is more experienced in programming than graphics. If this sounds like you, I can help you to take your website to the next level, by providing fresh, well-designed graphics for your existing site. A website theme can be fairly simple and still result in a dynamic, professional website, with the right graphics added. As your Secret Design Agent, I am happy to meet you where you are with your website and suggest options for improving your site's visual appeal.  

Social Media Post Templates

There are so many DIY options out there for posting on social media. But most business owners don't have the time to sit down and design posts on a regular basis. On top of that, it's not easy for everyone to design a post that stays consistent with their branding. I've seen many companies that add their logo to all of their posts, but the size and placement is always different, or it doesn't mesh well with the rest of the design. As your Secret Design Agent, I can design Social Media Templates that match your brand, and represent you well on every post. A series of branded templates will allow you to add your own photos and messages as needed. And if you prefer not to do any of it yourself, I'm happy to create a plan to create all of the graphics for you :)

Social Media Video Ads

Research suggests the average user remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, compared to 10% when it is read. This means prospects are more likely to remember your message via a video ad than an image or text ad. I LOVE creating videos for my clients and specialize in social media videos that are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. These videos can be used organically in posts or as paid advertising. Promotional videos include animated text, logo and graphics, video footage of you or your product, and a Call to Action that won't be missed!

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to get started with some eye-catching website graphics & social media posts!

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