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Connecting Dots


Polly's photo graphic designer


As your Secret Design Agent, I look forward to working with you on your next design mission. Your trust in my service to you is of utmost importance. I've been in the design business for over 22 years with many successful missions, helping my clients succeed. When we work together, you always receive full, direct access to me as your Design Agent. I handle every aspect of the design process, so you will never have to worry about your project being handed off to a junior agent. I provide timely, individualized service for each client, working directly with you from concept to final design. I am not satisfied until the mission is accomplished.


As your agent, I listen to your needs and I listen well. That is one of our Agency Secrets that keeps our clients coming back day after day, year after year, mission after mission. With this many years in the business I listen and I 'get it'. I easily build on your input and ideas and transform them into creative, professional designs that are unique to your company's image, and makes your product, service or message stand out from the competition.


With my experience (and my Secret Agent Magic!) working stealthily in the background, I can ensure you receive high quality designs that consistently represent your brand.

Another Agency Secret...I understand the importance of Proper Formatting. A beautiful design should never lose its integrity when printed or added to a website or to social media. With me in your corner, I'll be sure that each file meets proper specifications to represent you well in print and across your online platforms.


And my final Design Agent Secret...I love what I do! I enjoy my work and always have a positive attitude. Questions, new info, and revisions to the Mission are never a problem. It is all part of the process and it's my mission to see you succeed. So let's get started...and get your next MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

FUN FACT: This whole secret agent theme all started with a birthday party. As a mom, I set out to create an elaborate spy themed party for my daughter one year and found a lack of party supplies that had the girl power we were looking for. So I created my own designs for it! That eventually led to Spy Themed Video Invitations that are now one of our best sellers on, a video invitation company I started with my daughter during the pandemic. We've got many more themes now, but it seems that everyone loves a good Secret Agent story. You just never know where inspiration will strike you!

secret design agent climbing smiley cartoon
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