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Connecting Dots
Polly St.Onge Secret Design Agent, graphic designer


Life should be fun...and hiring a graphic designer for your business should be a fun, enjoyable experience as well. That is why I created the PGD Agency and my own twist on the Secret Agent idea—to reflect the fun, creative, out-of-the box thinking I bring to the table. 


A good Design Agent needs to be creative, but also timely with an eye for detail, which is why graphic design has always been such a good fit for me. I love being creative and coming up with new ideas to convey a message. But I have a persistent technical side that keeps my projects well organized, on time, and set up properly for quality output. And that keen eye for ensures that finished designs stay consistent, clean and professional.


As your Secret Design Agent, my goal is for you to look forward to every email, knowing that you'll receive a great design that you're excited about and ready to share. Questions, new info, and revisions to the Mission are never a problem. I've been in this business for over 22 years and I know that it's all part of the process. It's my mission to see you succeed. So let's get to know each other and get your next MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

secret design agent climbing smiley cartoon

FUN FACT: The Secret Agent theme has been a long-running theme in our family. Starting with my daughter's themed birthday one year, where I created custom, girl-power designs for her party. It soon became one of our most popular themes in our Video Invitation business as well. And let's just say...our 3 little rescue dogs are the cutest little secret agents you'll ever see...scoping out the house regularly for hidden treats. And yes, they have their own secret agent photo badges :)

secret agent dog

Our best Undercover Agent...often hidden in plain sight—under covers, blankets, and pillows.

secret agent dog

A Creature of the Night, she prowls the premises like a ninja, stealthy and ready to pounce in the dark of night.

secret agent dog

A Leader Loved By All, who keeps everyone in check, and is ready to play an active role in any and all missions.

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