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IS PRINT MARKETING still effective?

While many are focused on digital advertising, it's important to remember how effective print marketing can be. Studies have shown that print ads actually provide better results in terms of brand recall and response rate. And using a combination of print AND digital ads, can actually make online campaigns 400% more effective.

Yes, Print Marketing Still Works!

There are many ways to advertise in print and increase your brand awareness. We all live in the physical world and see print marketing everywhere we go. Whether it's just a company logo, reminding you of a brand, or a full ad in a publication, it all counts as print marketing.


Here are a few statistics that might surprise you about the effectiveness of print ads and direct mail vs digital marketing:

  • Print ads require 21% less cognitive effort to process (R.C. Brayshaw, 2020).

  • Nearly 80% of consumers act on direct printed mail advertisements compared to 45% of consumers who act on electronic advertisements (Potochny, 2017).

  • Print and direct mail marketing bring a 9% customer response rate compared to other digital marketing channels, which hover around 1% or less (R.C. Brayshaw, 2020).

  • Advertising in print drives higher levels of brand recall vs. digital (77% vs. 46%) (Newsworks, 2020).

  • 92% of 18-23 year olds find it easier to read print over digital content (Forer, 2017).

  • The response rate for direct-mail marketing is 37% higher than the email rate (Medina, 2019).

​Postcards & Direct Mail

Postcards can be used in so many ways. I often design and print postcards that serve a variety of tasks beyond basic advertisement. I've provided postcard designs that serve as appointment cards, referral cards, notices asking for reviews, recipe cards, checklists and more. There are so many times that you want to give information to customers on a heavy weight paper that will last, and postcards are perfect for that. 

In addition, postcards can be used in a more traditional way to advertise to your local community through Direct Mail and EDDM services. I can design a direct mail postcard for you and assist in the process of printing and mailing through Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for distribution to households in your local area.


Trade Show Displays

One form of print marketing that is widely used is Trade Shows. With a trade show display, you must include printed materials. The Trade Show Banner Design must be highly visible and gain the attention of potential customers quickly as they pass by. Your Trade Show Display should be designed to showcase your product or message effectively. And having take-away items such as promotional items, business cards, brochures and flyers will give potential buyers a way to connect with your brand's product or offer, both at the show and after they've returned home. If someone is not an immediate buyer, they may be interested enough to look into it further after the show. As your Secret Design Agent, I can design everything you need for a successful trade show—display banner design, table cover designs, promotional give-aways and marketing flyers.


Stickers, Bags, Tshirts & More!

Your print marketing can extend into all kinds of printed materials that showcase your brand. I often design stickers/labels using a company logo or brand to increase brand awareness. Punch Cards for return customers are also a great print item that will be held onto and promote more business. T-shirt design for resale or for representing your brand or special event can also be added to your print marketing strategy. Promotional items with logo, phone and website, tote bags for trade shows, or plastic bags for the goodies you get at the dentist—all if this falls into the print marketing category. So if you have something that needs to be printed, I will come through for you to design and set it up properly for printing—even if it's something small. I'm happy to help with all of it and can even get most things printed for you and shipped right to your door.


Sign Design

Signs of all shapes and sizes get customer attention, let them know you exist and further develop brand awareness. I can help you with a large range of sign design including: Real Estate sign design, retractable banner design, outdoor flag signage, A-frame signs, yard signs, poster and wall art and even window and floor graphics! No matter what the final printed product is, the design process is very similar. I know how to get the proper specifications from the printer, to ensure any design I create will print well in the size and format you're looking for. 


Forms and Notepads

One of print items that you may not consider when talking to a designer is the everyday office items that are needed on a daily basis. Form creation may not be the most artistic of design tasks, but it's still important and need to be done. Sometimes offices create forms themselves in a program like Word, but it can be difficult to get your form content to line up and have the spacing you truly want in these programs. To be sure your forms present well and look professional (especially if the forms are given to your clients), let me handle the design of these items. I work in programs that have more flexibility and can often make your forms more concise and easy to work with. I can organize the content and adjust margins and spacing as needed, to get the most out of the page, without it feeling cluttered. I can also add your logo and branding in a way that makes sense, without it overtaking the usefulness of the form. 

Once your form is designed, it's easy to print them as needed, or get printed professionally as individual sheets or notepads. I often set up notepads for medical offices who need RX pads, intake forms or referral sheets. I can also convert your forms for digital use, with fill-in fields for people to easily complete digitally. 


Letterhead, Envelopes & Business Cards

Last, but certainly not least, the standard business card suite with letterhead and envelopes. I'll admit, not as many of my clients are printing full sets of letterhead and envelopes these days. But, most are still printing business cards. I can create a business card design that represents you well and will entice customers to hold onto it. We can even add a QR code, if you like, so with one quick scan, your contact info is added easily to their contacts list!


In many industries, a full stationery set is still a very important part of business. So if you use letterhead and envelopes in your business, let me design them to really make your brand look amazing. A well designed envelope will increase the odds of it being opened and a professional letterhead will provide trust in your company. There are a lot of scams out there these days, so when your letterhead looks clean and professional, it increases customer trust in your company. 

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to discuss your print marketing needs!

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