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Brochures & sell sheets

In a world that has gone digital in so many ways, having something tangible to hand out to prospective customers is still an effective marketing strategy. Whether it's a brochure in your office, a sell sheet to bring on sales calls, or a flyer to hand out for special events, that physical piece will be seen, and often kept, instead of getting lost in the sea of digital ads we're bombarded with daily.

Sell Sheets

A sell sheet is basically a physical version of an elevator pitch. It is the perfect tool for making a quick and impactful impression on potential customers, and highlights key benefits of a product and how it can solve a problem. A strong sell sheet design should be easy to read, with clear, professional product images and contain a direct call to action.

I often create sell sheets for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for representatives to take on sales calls. It is the perfect leave-behind to showcase the key elements of your product. Sell sheets are also perfect for selling wholesale when you want a retail business to carry your product in stores.



I create all of my designs from scratch, there are no templates involved. So you'll receive a brochure design that is unique to your business and matches your brand. Trifold brochures are the most common, but there are many types of brochure folds that may fit your needs better. I will look at your content and suggest a format that best fits your needs.


With a brochure's folding panels, you'll want your content organized in a way that makes sense as a customer unfolds it. I make sure everything flows in an easy, readable format, that showcases your product or service in the best possible light. Being in the industry for over 20 years, I have plenty of experience with print design, so I know how to set up a brochure properly so your images are crisp and clear, your colors print well and everything folds properly. 


Sales & Event Flyers

A good sales flyer is perfect for having in-store at the sales counter, or for adding to a customer bag with their purchase, highlighting a sale or a new product. Even for online sales, a flyer can be added to the shipment, to ask for reviews, highlight other products, or advertise an upcoming sale. Trade show events are also perfect places to hand out flyers to prospective buyers who may remember your product from the event and want to get more information or buy at a later date. Door flyers are also used to advertise home and yard services where a local service may be needed. There are so many places that a 1-page flyer can be used to market your business. The key is designing your flyer in a way that gets the buyers attention and conveys your message in a way that is quick and easy for your customer to read. Let's face it, people are busy and they won't spend much time figuring out what your message is. So as your Secret Design Agent, I make sure your flyer design is clear and easy to understand.

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to discuss your next marketing flyer, brochure or sell sheet design!

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