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Supplement Bottle Label Design - Green Creatine by Windhawk


Product packaging includes everything from Labels to Box Packaging to Product Displays. I've worked with a wide variety of clientelle when it comes to packaging. Pharmaceutical products require label design for bottles, box design with blister packs inside, tube design with matching boxes and more! My Nutraceutical clients also need label design for supplement bottles or essential oils, but also canister design for things such as nutritional greens or protein powders. Sample packets and the boxes they come in are also common design needs in the nutraceutical industry. And food products often need bag or pouch packaging! Almost everything needs some kind of packaging design, and it needs to be created in a way that stands out against the competition.

Beyond the main packaging, I also design package inserts with instructions or more details about the product. Cardboard product displays are often needed as well, for stores to advertise or display your product line. All of this falls into the realm of package design.

 Brand New Product​

If you're starting from scratch, and this is your first product, we'll need to establish the look of your brand, from product logo design to branding colors, which will all be implemented into your new product label or package. You may even have a company brand that needs to be established that will house your individual products. If you already have a company brand, I can work with you to establish a new product design that stays in keeping with the branding you have started.

Rebranding an Existing Product​

If you are looking to breathe new life into an existing product, I can work with you to create fresh new ideas and new design options. This may entail entirely new branding, or just an updated package design to keep the product moving forward. Sometimes an existing product already has a following, but has an outdated look. In this case, I can work with you to make it look more current, while still retaining key aspects that existing customers will recognize.

Adding a New Product to an Existing Brand

If you are adding a new product to an existing product line or brand, I can work within the design style that has been established, to create the new product to match. If you're not looking for an exact match, I can also create a package design that blends well with your other products, so your customers see it as an extension to your existing brand. I have worked with many companies that have very specific branding guidelines, and I'm always happy to work within those parameters to be sure the new design meets any set requirements.


To get started with packaging design, I generally need a dieline from your printer/manufacturer. If you are new to this, just ask the company that will be printing your labels or producing the final packaging for a "dieline". This is a digital file that outlines the shape of your packaging when laid out flat, such as all of the sides of a box. A dieline is also needed for labels with a custom shape. If this is something you've already determined, you can get this from your printer. Otherwise, I can work with you to create it. At the very least, I will need the size dimensions we're working with to get a label started and we can step through the process from there.

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to discuss how to get started with your product label or packaging design!

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