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Digital Vector Art
Adobe Illustrator

Baby Wolf Illustration shown as sticker -  Digital Vector art created in Adobe Illustrator


There are many places in the design process where stock art is useful and portrays just what is needed. But Custom Illustration is a way to be sure you have something truly unique. If you need a character created for a team mascot or an illustration that is unique to your business, you'll need custom art that you can own the copyright to, and use anywhere you'd like, without restriction from a stock agency.


Custom Illustration is included in all of our Logo Packages because you never want to see another company using your brand's image. Your logo mark should be custom and unique to your business. This must be the case if you ever plan to register your logo for trademark. Stock art companies usually specify that the royalty-free art they offer cannot be used for logos, even though many sites sell these type of ready-made designs. So when you work with me as your Secret Design Agent, you can be sure that you'll receive custom art with full usage rights, that can be legally trademarked when you're ready.

Character Development

Cartoon-style Character Illustration works well for team mascots, business mascots, book illustrations, event stickers, pins, patches and more! People relate to cartoons and if it's right for your product or brand, or any special use, I can work with you to create a character that fits your needs. I usually start with a few pencil sketches by hand and then develop the character further in a digital format. In this way, your character illustration can be used at various sizes and formats for any of your future needs!

Other Custom Illustration

Sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for, or you've created a concept in your mind that needs to be illustrated in a unique way. Feel free to reach out and discuss your Custom Illustration needs with me and we can explore ideas and find out if my illustration style is a good fit for your project! I look forward to talking with you!

Are you ready to get started?

Schedule a call with Polly, your Secret Design Agent, to discuss your ideas for a custom illustration or custom cartoon character today!

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